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5 Reasons Contractors Should Be Using eSign

By Michelle Mittelman on Mar 9, 2017 11:02:33 AM |



Thanks in large part to the technology of the smartphone and tablet, contractors have the ability to create estimates and contracts quickly, efficiently and most importantly - electronically. The benefits of incorporating an eSignature component to your contract processing are many and can make a big impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business. 

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1. Saves Time

One of the biggest perks of incorporating an eSignature feature to your contract process is all of the time that you save - and gain.

With pre-filled document templates for estimates and other company documents such as contracts and checklists, you don’t waste time filling out paperwork on the spot, giving you more time to spend talking with your potential customer. When you are ready to close the deal, there’s no wait, no flipping through multiple pages - you sign, they sign, and the contract is done. You can send it right to your office staff for processing with confidence that you won’t have to turn around or make follow-up calls because you missed an initial or a signature line.

2. Saves Money

How many of those $0.25 triplicate contracts are crumpled up in the back seat of your sales rep’s truck or blowing out the window while they drive down the interstate? Using an eSignature software also does the obvious - it eliminates the high cost of printing  paper documents. With eSignatures, you only pay for the contracts that are going to make you money!

No more carbon paper, no more scanning, printing, faxing, delivery, disposal and storing documents. Your administrators are spared having to interpret your handwriting, call you up because something is missing, avoiding additional travel time - which could potentially eat into your time with another customer.

3. Safe & Secure

Paper can be damaged or lost, and signatures can be forged, illegible, or missed completely. When your signed contracts reside in the cloud, your documents are never lost, and your office staff has automatic access to completed files, giving them a jumpstart on file processing and job  ordering. Having 24/7 access to your documents also means you can pull up those files whenever you need to, wherever you are.



4. Legally Binding

eSignatures are legally recognized as legitimate forms of signature, and oftentimes are even more secure than paper and pen. Most reputable eSignature services also provide legal assistance if a dispute arises over the legitimacy of a signature, so sign away, knowing you are covered.  Using a time stamped eSignature with location accuracy eliminates the worry for potential forgery or dispute.  

5. Customer Satisfaction

Your customers expect fast, safe and accurate contract documentation. Once your electronic contract has been ratified by both parties, all parties will receive a copy of the signed, legal documentation.  Having immediate access to their own electronic copy for insurance or personal use is a convenience they will appreciate, and expect. 

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Michelle Mittelman

Written by Michelle Mittelman

Michelle has been a Marketer for 10 years, and enjoys helping people connect to the products that improve their business.