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AccuLynx Blog

3 Ways to Reduce Human Error with Roofing Software

By Molly Stein on Jul 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM in roofing software, roofing projects, roofing tips, roofing apps, roofing office staff, roofing salesmen, technology for roofers, best roofing tech, roofing best practices, roofing busy season, roofing storm season, roofer technology, software to run a roofing business, roofing paperwork mistakes, best software for roofing contractors, crms for roofing contractors, mistakes roofers make

Using Roofing Software to Create More Accurate Estimates and Material Orders

By Michelle Mittelman on Jun 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM in abc supply, roofing estimation software, roofing software integration, ABC roofing materials, ABC roofing orders, roofing contractor software, roofing material ordering software, best roof software, real-time pricing for roofing materials, roofing material pricing, roofing software programs, roofing orders pricing

When roofers are in the field assessing storm damage, talking to homeowners, and providing work estimates, one of the most important factors that they rely on is knowing the price of their materials. Every roofer has a preference of who he orders...

Top 5 Reasons Roofing Companies Fail

By Kate Foster on Jun 21, 2018 8:00:00 AM in new roofing technology, top roofing technology, best roofing tech, roofing business strategy, roofing company fail, roofing new hires, roofing crew training, roofing certification, why roofing companies fail, marketing for roofers, social media for roofers, training for roofers

2018: Top Roofing Technology Trends (Mid Year Update)

By Kate Foster on Jun 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM in cloud storage, acculynx smartdocs, top roofing technology, roofing technology trends, roofing trends, roofing esign, 2018 roofing technology, 2018 roofing technology trends, roofing safety trends, robots for roofers, robotics roofing, robotics for roofing industry, extreme weather, weather trends roofing, CertainTeed extreme weather shingles, virtual reality for roofers, augmented reality for roofers, roofing safety, roofing office, digital office, IKO extreme weather shingles

Product Update: AccuLynx Now Integrated with Door-to-Door Canvassing App Sales Rabbit

By Michelle Mittelman on Jun 6, 2018 8:50:00 AM in roofing apps, best roofing app, roofing canvassing app, roofing sales app, roofing sales management, roof app integrations, sales rabbit integration, software that works with sales rabbit, acculynx sales rabbit, acculynx sales app, acculynx sales software, acculynx roofing software, sales rabbit, door to door

One of the ways AccuLynx is working on improving our platform's overall experience for our customers is to provide as many integration options as we can with programs that roofers use every day.